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SENECA Directors & Officers


Frank Vogel, President & Director

Frank Vogel is a USCF Senior Tournament Director and FIDE National Arbiter with decades of experience directing and organizing chess tournaments. Frank served as the chief tournament director for SENECA’s three largest events—the 77th, 78th, and 79th New England Open tournaments. Frank has been a member of the SENECA board of directors since the organization’s inception in December 2014. He has also served as the Rhode Island delegate to the USCF for several years. Frank oversees SENECA’s adult tournaments and serves as a contact for local chess clubs. Outside of SENECA, Frank previously served as the president of the East Providence Chess Club in East Providence, RI.



Bob Salvas, Vice President, Chairman of the Board & Director

Bob Salvas is a USCF Club Tournament Director who organizes many of SENECA’s scholastic programs. Bob brings many years of experience in marketing and business to the SENECA board, which has helped SENECA to expand its operations over the last several years. He has been a member of the SENECA board of directors since the organization was formed in December 2014. Bob organizes and directs most of SENECA’s scholastic chess tournaments in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts. Outside of SENECA, Bob has run the Monastery Chess program at the Cumberland Office of Children, Youth and Learning for many years.



Gina Dufresne, Director

Gina Dufresne has years of experience in scholastic chess, including many years as a chess coach in the Central Falls School District. Gina has been a member of the SENECA board of directors since the organization began in December 2014. Over the years, Gina has leveraged her experience in K-12 education to help develop SENECA’s scholastic programs, ensuring students have access to chess via the Rhode Island Scholastic Chess League and local chess tournaments. Given SENECA’s frequent coordination with local schools and programs, Gina’s experience in education has been invaluable. Gina serves as a contact person for SENECA’s scholastic programs. Gina is also an elementary school chess coach.



Eduardo Paguaga, Director

Eduardo Paguaga is a USCF Local Tournament Director and experienced scholastic chess coach. Eduardo joined the SENECA board of directors in 2017 after years of scholastic chess experience in Georgia. He has directed numerous scholastic chess tournaments for SENECA and has been instrumental in running SENECA’s online scholastic programs from April 2020 to present. Eduardo is the Assistant Director of the Rhode Island Scholastic Chess League and serves as a contact person for elementary, middle, and high school teams and programs in Rhode Island. Outside of SENECA, Eduardo is an active chess coach and works with students on an individual and group basis.



Bill Parmentier, Secretary & Director

Bill Parmentier is a USCF Club Tournament Director and the newest addition to the SENECA board of directors. Bill became a member of the SENECA board of directors in February 2023 and has helped run numerous SENECA scholastic tournaments, including the 2023 Rhode Island Scholastic State Chess Championship where Bill served as a floor TD for the largest section of the tournament. Bill is an experienced professional photographer and has utilized that professional skillset in photographing a variety of SENECA tournaments. Bill will continue to run SENECA scholastic events while taking on additional responsibilities in the coming months.


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